First, let’s be clear on what I mean by an easy, quick and sustainable income.


Easy to me means it has to be simple, doesn’t involve much of my brain power or effort in general. It is for example a task that is, or has become, second in nature – or habitual. I include activities in this that may take a bit of time to learn at first, but then become simple to do. Driving to me would be a prime example of something that has become an easy task. When I drive now I don’t think about how to change gears, or turn the wheel properly – I just do it without much conscious thought. Easy is something I can do on auto-pilot mode.


In regard to income terms I mean makes me money quickly relative to other income sources I do or have tried to do. At the time of writing the UK minimum wage is £7.83 an hour. For my time spent I would consider £10-£12 per hour spent as pretty decent, £15 an hour really good, and then anything above £17 an hour as – well (pardon my language) the dogs bollocks really!


The ‘fancy’ word for something that lasts in the long-run basically! In regards to a second income, I consider this to mean it keep making the same money (or thereabouts) for me month in month out without.

The Example...

Now I could sit and write a load of stuff trying to explain how and why matched betting to myself (and my other half) is an easy, quick and sustainable second income. Or I could just show you...

Yesterday evening (Tuesday 18th September 2018) it was the Champions League (that’s a big European football competition for those who don’t ‘do’ football). This event meant loads of the bookmakers were giving out special offers for their existing customers to encourage them to bet (in our instance to encourage us to do matched betting!).

My day matched betting on Tuesday 18th September 2018.

So yesterday here is what I did matched betting wise:

At 13:25 I checked my email and saw my most favourite matched betting existing customer offer from Bet365. From the email I logged into Bet365 and did a £25 Qualifying Bet on the Liverpool vs PSG game. The Qualifying Bet incurred a small loss of -83p for me. At 13:29 I logged out of Bet365.

13:30. Next I saw I also had a private email offer from William Hill. Bet £10 and get 2 £5 Free Bets. (This is exactly why I opt in to receive promotions and make an effort to maintain good betting profiles!). So I clicked the email offer and logged into William Hills to claim the offer. I opted to do this one on horses rather than the footy. For the £10 Qualifying Bet I incurred a small loss of 38p. William Hill instantly gave me two £5 Free Bets to use.

So right at this point in time (13:36) I was down by £1.21 – but now had two £5 free bets to make a profit from.

Using the super-duper Oddsmatcher at Oddsmonkey I quickly found some odds matches on two horse races to do my Profit Free Bets on, as well as a high odds match for a £15 Fake Mug Bet on the horses too. (Oddsmonkey is advanced matched betting software that you can get here. Use promo code SMARKETSZERO18 when you sign up and you’ll get a week’s trial for £1). By 13:45 I had extracted £7.83 in profit from my two free bets and taken a small loss of 54p from my Fake Mug Bet.

So now at 13:46 (26 minutes from when I first started) I was £6.08 in profit.

I was about to log out of Hills when I remembered to do my daily scratch of the day (a daily offer available from Hills each day through September 2018). I revealed another Bet and Get Offer with this. All I had to do was bet £5 on a Champions League game that evening and they would give me another £5 free bet!!

By 13:55 I completed this offer too. I incurred a small loss of 30p on the Qualifying Bet and then got a lovely £4.01 in profit extracted from the free bet.

So by 13:56 (just over half an hour since I’d started) I was now £9.79 in profit.

14:00 I left matched betting and went about my normal day job.

At around 16:00 I had a bit of a break and took a few minutes to browse the Daily Offer Calendar for Matched Betting on Oddsmonkey (remember use the promo code SMARKETSZERO18 if you want a week’s trial for £1). I jotted down the key offers I would focus on that evening that would make be the best money for my time spent. Several of the offers were in-play offers that I would need to do during the Liverpool vs PSG game that evening. Coral, Ladbrokes and Sky Bet though all had lovely easy offers that I could do before the game started. Back to normal life tasks in the mean-time.

18:30 I logged into Coral, Ladbrokes and Sky Bet. On Coral it was super simple as what I had to do to Qualify for the offer was very specific. Bet £10 on Liverpool to win. I did that in – literally less than one minute. As the odds on Liverpool weren’t that great between Coral and Smarkets I had to accept a qualifying loss of 85p. I also did a Fake Mug Bet on another Champions League game and incurred another small Qualifying loss of -28p.

Next I headed over to Sky Bet. There was a really quick obvious odds match on the draw between Liverpool and PSG so I did another £10 Qualifying Bet on that, for another small loss of 60p.

So now, at 18:36 with these Qualifying losses I had now lowered my profit slightly to £8.06.

Sky Bet however immediately released a £5 Free Bet to me. I did this right away (again with the help of the Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher to find me a quick Profit Bet on the football). I extracted a guaranteed profit of £3.98 from the £5 free bet.

18:40 and I’m now £12.04 in profit.

Finally, I went on Ladbrokes and did a risk-free £10 bet (again with help from the Oddsmonkey risk-free bet calculator) on the Correct Score market on the Liverpool vs PSG game. As this was a risk-free offer (i.e. you get your money back if your bet loses) I automatically knew I’d made at least £5 in profit. If the bet won at Ladbrokes I would make the £5.16 instantly. If the bet lost then I’d have to do a few minutes extra work the next day to extract profit from my money back free bet. Whatever happened though I knew it was at least another £5 in the bag.

18:46. Profit now £17.04.

Total time ‘worked’ so far: 51 minutes.

Now all I had to do was wait until the Liverpool vs PSG game started – so I made dinner and caught up on some house chores. About 10 minutes before half-time (20:30) I started logging into Bet365, BetFred, Genting Bet and also BetStars (who had also emailed me a private offer). I logged in 10 minutes before to see how the odds were looking and to see what was happening in the game (it looked like it was a good game as there had just been a penalty. Smarkets shows you on a little screen-thing what’s roughly happening).

My number 1 priority as soon as the half-time whistle blew at around 20:45 was to do my £25 free in-play bet at Bet365. I got in right away and got a fantastic match on a correct score market and extracted a profit of £20.27.

Yes – £20.27!

So total profit at this point for 1 hour and 3 minutes of work: £37.31.

With that large bet done I then did a £10 in-play Qualifying Bet on each of BetFred, Genting and BetStars. This took me round-about to the end of the half-time period (another 10 minutes basically).

Combined the Qualifying losses from these qualifying bets were -£2.32.

So now I was £34.99 in profit in an hour and 15ish minutes of work. I was done for the day at 21:00.

My day matched betting on Wednesday 19th September.

So Liverpool beat PSG 3-2. This was the perfect result as it meant Coral would give me 3 x £5 free bets (1 £5 free bet per Liverpool goal! Cheers Liverpool!). As the score was also 3-2 it meant by Correct Score bet lost at Ladbrokes, so I had a £10 free bet to do there too to lock in my £5 profit I expected yesterday. At Genting, BetFred and BetStars I knew I had a £5 free bet to do at each.

So that’s 1 £10 Free Bet at Ladbrokes – from which I’d already counted the profit from, and then £30 in free bets to still extract guaranteed profit from.

At 13:30 I logged into all of these accounts and went about doing my Free Bets plus a couple of Fake mug bets on each account for good measure. I was done by 14:15. I extracted a total of £23.26 from the £30 free bets. I lost £2.18 doing my fake mug bets. This meant for 45 minutes of work I made £21.08.

So in total (as I'm just finishing writing this post), for basically 2 hours of work over a two day period I made a profit of £56.07.

But I now need to do a bit more work – like 10 minutes top!

Sky Bet are doing a boost on Man Utd, Juventus and Real Madrid to win today. Using the advanced calculator at Oddsmonkey I know I can under-lay this accumulator (an advanced matched betting strategy) for a potential profit of £14.28 (Basically if all these teams win I will make another £14.28, if they do anything other than ALL win, I lose nothing. Yes nothing – there is no loss at all doing an underlay).

Betway also have a lovely simple, quick offer today – Bet £5 on Young Boys vs Man Utd. this evening and get a £10 free bet...

This will be a guaranteed £7+ in profit if I get a good extraction from the £10 free bet (which I will thanks to the Oddsmatcher at Oddsmonkey!!)

Matched betting. It truly is an easy, quick and sustainable second income.

I don’t know about you but there aren’t many places where you make £56.07 in two hours of work.

(and it will definitely become £63.07 when I do the Betway offer soon, and potentially £77.35 if those three teams all win tonight!!).

Now all I have to decide is whether to put that £77.35 into our savings account or treat myself and get my hair done 😀

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