How you can make 1500 GBP a year matched betting with little effort

The amount of money that can be made from matched betting AFTER completing the easy new customer sign up offers is out of this world.

For as little as a few hours work a week you too can be saving for two or three good holidays a year, PLUS still be spending money on meals and drinks out each week.

Below we explain how easy this is to accomplish by doing the bare minimum of matched betting post sign up offers each week. Enjoy...

Making money matched betting after sign up offers

We’ve had so many friends and family ask us how we have managed to go on so many holidays this year, along with going out for meals and drinks regularly when we are not at work. In all honesty it has been rather easy – and it’s all been down to matched betting reload offers.  Matched betting reload offers are how we continue to make money AFTER the bookmaker new customer sign up bonuses have run out.

One of the biggest misconceptions about matched betting is that once you have made money from all the easy sign up offers it is then game over.

This statement could not be further from the truth.

Every bookmaker wants their existing customers to keep betting on their website each week, rather that at a competitors website. One method they use to keep their customers happy and regularly betting with them is to hand out good promotional offers each and every week, especially on popular sporting events.

These regular promotional offers that bookmakers give out to their existing customers are what we refer to as 'reload offers'. An example of a reload offer during something like the Fifa World Cup would be bet £10 on England to win and get a £5 free bet for each goal that is scored.

As matched bettors we make the vast majority of our money from these types of reload offers that the bookies provide to us each and every week

Investing in reload offers in matched betting

We each re-invested around £400 of the £950+ we each made from doing the sign up offers into doing bookmaker reload offers so that we could have a sustainable way of making an easy extra income throughout the rest of the year. 

Just to clarify, my partner and I are lucky enough to have our bank accounts and debit cards registered at two different addresses, which is how we were able to take advantage of having two sets of very separate bookmaker accounts. This meant that between us from the new customer sign up offers we made over £1900 and re-invested just over £800 of this back into long-term matched betting.

However, even if you are not fortunate enough to have two sets of separate accounts like us - after doing the sign up offers you should still be able to re-invest at least £400 into doing reload offers.

Why would you bother to do these reload offers though?

Well individually you can easily make more than £1500 profit a year by matched betting the bare minimum of the bookmaker reload offers.

Doing the bare minimum of the reload offers takes us maximum 30 minutes a week. Often it's just 15-20 minutes. Based on 30 minutes a week it works out to a total of 1,560 minutes a year for just over £1500. That is almost equivalent to a pound per minute of work!

So if you are quite a busy person, and only have 30 minutes spare a week, you can make £1500 extra a year by just doing 30 minutes. 

Matched betting the bare minimum of the reload offers

So lets look in a bit more detail at doing these bare minimum reload offers.

An example of a regular matched betting reload offer we receive would be William Hill’s weekly offer email where they say if you bet £10 at odds of 1.2 or above on any sporting event this week they will then give you a free £10 bet to use that same week. (This is a simple matched betting bet and get type offer). 

Every time this message pops up in our email we know we are each going to make at least £7.50 in guaranteed profit that week for 3-5 minutes work (and for us this email actually equates to £15-£16 a week between our two accounts).

So by just having a William Hill's account, doing 3-5 minutes work a week you can make £390 a year. (Again, £780 if a couple like us with two separate accounts).

If you are a couple at the SAME address, you can usually request to have separate bookmaker accounts, but only one of you will be able to take advantage of the new customer sign up offers.  However, both of you will get access to the on-going weekly reload offers. So if you want £780 a year between you for maximum (and we mean maximum!) ten minutes work a week then request to get those second accounts now!

So we are currently on 5 minutes work a week and hitting £390 a year. 

What's next?

Next up is the weekly Coral “bet” £25 above odds of 2.0 and get £10 worth of free bets (£5 online, £5 in shop). If you do these every week you have another £7.50 in secured profits for such little time and effort, which equates to another £390 per year per person (or another £780 for couples!).

The list then goes on...

From Paddy Power’s weekly VIP club for an individual account you should make £6 a week and between two accounts you should make at least £12 a week.

(So another £312 a year per account from the bare minimum at Paddy Power. We are up to £1,092 now for the year per account).

From Betway £5 a week (£10 for 2 accounts) and from SkyBet £3.50 a week (£7 for 2 accounts).

So that's 260 a year from Betway and  £182 a year from SkyBet per account.... and we have just hit £1534 in total profit, from just these five different bookmakers. (For a couple you would now be over £3000 in profit with two sets of these accounts). 

These five offers are the easiest of easy reload offers and each bookie takes maximum 5 minutes or so to compete! There are then at least another 15 bookmakers that give out regular reload offers and a good few more who give out intermittent reload offers.

So by doing the bare minimum of the reload offers each week, using just 30 minutes of your time a week it is easy to hit more than £1500 in profit. If you have a couple of hours spare each week like we currently do...well you can make much much more each year, and take a couple of more holidays each year!

The bare minimum amount which we discuss here is about 5% of what can be achieved.

So this, is how and why we do what we do!


Want to start matched betting and learn how to make a great extra income each year for minimal effort?

Get started here or book a tutorial with us - it's all completely free. 

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