Matched Betting Calculators

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Qualifying Bet Calculator

Matched betting calculator for Qualifying Bets, Fake Mug Bets and Odds Boosts

Profit (Free) Bet Calculator

Matched Betting Calculator for free bets (stake-not-returned)

How to use these matched betting calculators

Whether you are doing a Qualifying Bet or a Profit (Free) Bet, our matched betting calculators will tell you exactly what lay stake you will need to use at the betting exchange to minimize qualifying losses and maximize extracted profits from free bets, no matter the outcome of the event you are betting on. Both matched betting calculators are simple to use. All you need to do is input the back stake amount and back odds from the bookmaker, and the lay odds and commission % at the exchange, then the calculators will do the rest.

If you need help with how to use these calculators to make money online with matched betting, please either join our community on Facebook or message Marie for a free lesson.

Advanced matched betting calculators

The free calculators on our website are just for beginners in matched betting. If you would like access to advanced matched betting calculators and other tools then we recommend trying out Oddsmonkey.