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This blog post is specifically for UK citizens (i.e. British passport holders) who are interested in learning how to do matched betting and making an extra income whilst:

  1. living and/or are retired overseas (i.e. are a British expat)
  2. on holiday abroad, travelling the world or backpacking

(If you are not a UK citizen - i.e. are from another European country, Australia, the States or similar; and you are interested in matched betting we are writing a separate post in the near future to help you too).

We live most of the year abroad and/or travelling, and we do matched betting all the time abroad without any issue. In this post we go over what you need to have to be able to do matched betting when you are outside of the UK and give a few useful tips about what we've learnt about matched betting from abroad.

If you've arrived on this page and have no idea what we're talking about then you can find out more about what matched betting is here and see an example of matched betting in action here.




In the words of NordVPN, a VPN is used to "protect your IP address, so your online activity is out of sight of your Internet service provider and any creepy snoopers". The NordVPN service also allows you to "securely access censored content, favorite streaming websites and social media platforms wherever you are".

Basically you use a VPN service to make it appear as if your computer is in the UK rather than abroad. This is vital service to have if you are planning to do matched betting outside the UK.

After lots of testing (and frustrations!) with various VPN services we've found that NordVPN offer the best, most reliable, quickest and most user-friendly VPN service for matched betting. PCMag, who we tend to refer to for all this type of 'techie' stuff when we need it, rated them as the best VPN service of 2018. So you can take their word for it if not ours.

You can check NordVPN out here, and see everything they have to offer. Again, a VPN is an essential for matched betting outside of the UK. It has other benefits too though as you can also watch BBC iplayer and go on the national lottery website without a hassle too!


First and foremost you need a British passport and be over 18 years of age. Many bookmakers may ask you to send a copy of an ID to them for age verification purposes. It is a good idea to have an online copy or photograph of your passport ready to hand. You can also use a UK driver's license as an alternative.


The other most important items you need for matched betting outside the UK are a UK bank account with an accompanying credit/debit card (in your name) and some kind of proof of address in the UK. These two items are essential.

You will use your credit/debit card on a regular basis for matched betting in order to make deposits and withdrawals to/from the bookmakers and the exchange.  If you are just starting to learn matched betting from outside the UK please be aware you will also need a starting cash float of at least £150 in this UK bank account. This is the amount we recommend to start with whether you are abroad or resident in the UK.

Less often you will also need to be able to provide a proof of address when a bookmaker requests one. We use a bank statement as our proof address. Alternatively, if you have access, you can use some kind of household utility bill or similar - but any proof must be in your name. The bookmakers also tend to ask for a proof of address that is 3 months old or less. We have found that a good number of British expats still have access to these essentials, even though they are living abroad.

If you do not have a UK bank account and a UK proof of address you will not be able to do matched betting with UK bookmakers (whether living in the UK or whilst you are abroad).


At every bookmaker during registration they request a UK mobile telephone number. Although they do this so they can send you regular promotional offers, which is very useful for matched betting purposes, they can , on rare occasions, request you to verify your mobile number. They usually do this by sending you a message with a verification code on or they may call you. If it's a call they do tend to contact you via email first to arrange a suitable time.

We have two UK (unlocked) sim-cards for when we travel to the UK. We use these numbers for matched betting purposes. We also have one spare old Nokia phone which one of these UK sim-cards stays in so that we can see any special offers being sent to us from the bookmakers. On the two occasions over the last few years where we were requested to verify our UK mobile number we just used this old phone and switched the sim over as required. Don't worry if you don't have a spare old phone like us, just keep the UK sim-card safe somewhere and pop it into your phone as and when you need it (your phone does need to be unlocked to do this). We often check our UK sims a day or so before Premier League match weekends and before big sporting events. We do this as the bookmakers send lots of great offers through via text message which we can then do matched betting on.

If you have everything else mentioned so far except the UK sim-card don't panic. You can easily order a giffgaff simcard either to your international address, or if you prefer you can go to the UK site (via your VPN) and order it to your UK address. Then you can get someone to post the sim on to you or bring out for you. To activate the GiffGaff sim-card you will need to top-it-up with a bit of money. We recommend choosing to top-up and NOT choosing a goodybag as they expire after one month and the top-up doesn't. 


A good reliable internet connection is vital for matched betting. In the UK this is rarely an issue, but sometimes abroad this can be a problem. If for example you're in a country that experiences really regular power-cuts, or in general just has really really slow internet which can cut off easily, then sadly we would have to advise that matched betting is not for you.

Where we live when we are abroad has the odd power-cut throughout the year. Our main concern has always been that the power goes just after we've placed our back (for) bet at the bookmaker but not our lay (against) bet at the exchange. Consequently we always have 3g internet available on our local mobiles (with VPNs on) as a back up. Having this back up means we can quickly get on to Smarkets and lay our bet off without much of an issue.

Speed of internet is another issue to consider, but not an important one. Your internet would have to be like a snail for us to recommend that matched betting isn't suitable for you.

You can test the speed of your internet connection by clicking here.

On writing this post (whilst abroad) our internet speed was about 5.9Mbps (which apparently is awful!) and we have never had a problem matched betting. The UK, many European countries, New Zealand, Singapore and even Thailand have a much better average speed then this (check out this Guardian article for example). It is therefore likely that internet speed won't be of concern for most people at all.

Finally, the only other thing you need really is your own email address which you can access from anywhere in the world.

We'd also recommend liking our page on Facebook so that you can ask us for help about matched betting from outside the UK anytime.


Ok, so you have everything ready that we've mentioned above, but what's important to know about how to do matched betting from abroad?

Well the only important thing is to ALWAYS REMEMBER TO TURN YOUR VPN ON BEFORE doing any kind of matched betting.

It's that simple. If you think matched betting, think VPN on first! If you go to do matched betting, turn on your VPN first!

There is no other way.

You MUST make it appear as if your tablet/computer/mobile is in the UK BEFORE going to ANY bookmaker website.

If you do happen to forget (don't!) then you end up causing yourself a lot of timely faff. When you login to a bookmaker from abroad they will realize very quickly (they are what NordVPN refers to as creepy snoopers after all!) and lock you out from your account. (Yes we are speaking from experience). You then need to contact the bookmaker via live chat (quickest) or email (slow!) and basically explain why you've just logged in from abroad (#holiday) and be very apologetic and assure them you won't do it again. This is an instance where a bookmaker may request you to verify your UK mobile, and send a proof of address, so have everything ready to do so. It is easier though if you just DON' T FORGET TO TURN YOUR VPN ON.

After you turn your VPN on, everything else related to how to do matched betting is exactly the same as for someone matched betting in the UK.


After you've sorted on all the above and have your VPN at the ready then we would highly recommend you to either:

  1. BOOK A FREE APPOINTMENT with us to learn matched betting (let us know your outside the UK when we start the appointment so we can ask you if your VPN is on!) or;
  2. Go to our FREE ONLINE MATCHED BETTING GUIDE and start learning solo. (Please remember to turn your VPN on!)


Then we hope you've found this article useful and that it's helped you to be able to continue matched betting whilst your outside the UK. You can check out the rest of our blog here for more articles you might find interesting for matched betting.

(Last reminder - VPN ON!)

(Please be sure to read our disclaimer. Wild Dog Profits does not accept any responsibility and/or liability for any losses and/or damages sustained by anyone using services linked on this site or following the information provided on the site. We provide advice only). 

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