There are 3 essential elements to Matched Betting which together combine to make matched betting into a no-risk process with guaranteed profits.

Essential Element 1: Bookmaker Free Bets and Bonuses

Matched Betting could not exist without the free bets and bonuses offered by bookmakers to attract new customers and retain existing customers. You know the offers we mean!

These free bets are the element in Matched Betting that allow you to make a guaranteed profit. From just the two bookmaker new customer welcome offers shown above you can make a minimum guaranteed profit of £35 with less than an hours work (once you have learnt how). When we first started Matched Betting we did these two new customer offers and made £14.88 from Coral and £23.29 from 888 Sport. On our matched betting example page you can also see exactly how we made £40.21 from the Ladbrokes new customer offer. We managed to make just over the minimum guaranteed profit (£75) from just these 3 offers when we first started matched betting and you can too.

Just to be clear we did NOT just gamble (mug bet) with the free bets to make these profits. Gambling would have been risky and could have left us with nothing! We used Matched Betting on these free bets instead to guarantee ourselves a profit for no-risk.

(If you're keen to learn matched betting in the same way that we learnt you can Get Started here).

Essential Element 2: Betting Exchanges

The next essential element in Matched Betting is a Betting Exchange. The exchange is where you prevent losses and ensure a profit no matter what the outcome of a particular sporting event is. Put in other terms the exchanges are where you 'protect' yourself against ANY eventuality that could occur in a sporting event, and thus they are the element that allow Matched Betting to be described as a risk-free (or no-risk) technique.

Our in-depth matched betting explained page goes into more detail about exactly how betting exchanges, such as Smarkets, work and how you use an exchange to do Matched Betting - it's worth checking out.

Basically though the betting exchange is what allows us to state "win, lose or draw matched bettors always make their profits!"

Essential Element 3: Maths

Before you panic about the concept of having to do some maths, you will be extremely happy to know you don't have to worry as we do it all for you with our Matched Betting Calculators and other useful tools. (You can breathe a sigh of relief now!).

The maths behind Matched Betting is absolutely vital and you could not use the bookmaker free bets and exchanges without it. There are two main calculations which take place in the process of Matched Betting.

The first calculation is the one that leads you to unlock a free bet from a bookmaker and prevents you from losing your hard-earned money (i.e. it makes the process risk-free). This maths is done with the Qualifying Bet Matched Betting Calculator.

The second calculation is the one that makes you the money by allowing you to take advantage of the free bet that is provided by a bookmaker (i.e. the guaranteed profit bit). This maths is done with the Profit Bet Matched Betting Calculator.


If you prefer to learn through reading first before doing then we would recommend you to check out our matched betting explained in-depth page. This is the full in detail background behind the process of matched betting. If you prefer to learn through doing then we would recommend you to just get started working you way through our beginner matched betting guide. It's free!