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Saturday Soccer Special Odds Boost 13th Oct 2018

Promotional Image for Sky Bet's Soccer Special Price Boost this weekend. Recommending a potential profit strategy this weekend.

Sport: Football
Accumulator on Lincoln, Accrington and Salford all win
Game/Event Time: 15:00, Saturday 13th October 2018
Offer Strategy Type: Price Boost/Profit Boost

Key Terms

A great reload offer from Sky Bet - a Saturday Soccer Special Price Boost. Maximum stake amount at Sky Bet will vary - ours was £20. This week we are only recommending to do the under-lay strategy to make a potential profit.

5 Minutes


Background information (for beginners)

Normal-laying vs Under-laying

If you choose the normal lay strategy (i.e. using only the Qualifying Bet Matched Betting Calculator) on a profit or price boost you would get an equal amount of profit no matter what the outcome of the bet was. Normal laying of an odds boost ensures a guaranteed profit. This strategy is really worth doing when the odds at Smarkets are substantially less than the boosted odds being offered by the bookmaker (i.e. at least a difference of 0.7 or more between the odds). 

If you choose the under-laying strategy on a profit or price boost you are instead choosing to make profit only when the bet wins at the bookmaker. If the bet doesn't win at the bookmaker you will not make any profit BUT you also won't lose anything. Under-laying of an odds boost is a choice to make a potential profit. The potential profit that can be made through under-laying tends to be much larger than the guaranteed profit from the normal laying approach. 

Example: The Sky Bet's boost today the normal lay strategy will only make £1.30 in guaranteed profit, whilst the under-lay strategy will make a potential profit of almost £8. We are therefore only recommending to do the under-lay strategy today.

Important note for those considering doing this offer for the first time:

Please be aware that to under-lay a £20 back bet at Sky Bet a balance of at least £110 is required at Smarkets (and for a £10 back bet a £55 liability). Using the under-lay strategy you will only make a profit if the accumulator bet wins into Sky Bet (so this will move a lot of liability money out of Smarkets). We therefore only recommend doing a large (£20) under-lay bet if you have a decent balance in Smarkets. Otherwise please opt to do a smaller (£10) under-lay bet.

For under-laying boosts on a regular basis we recommend Oddsmonkey

To work out our lay stake to under-lay on any odds boost offer we come across during the week we use the normal matched betting calculator at the premium matched betting service Oddsmonkey in 'advanced mode'. If you would like to see this calculator in action, as well as a ton of other matched betting tools and resources then you can sign up to Oddsmonkey for a 7 day trial for just £1 by clicking here and using the promo code SMARKETSZERO18 when you upgrade to their premium service.

How to under-lay the Sky Bet offer today

Find the offer on Sky Bet and the accumulator on Smarkets:

Find the relevant promotional offer on the SkyBet website and follow the relevant link to the accumulator boost.


The promotional offer is a football accumulator for Lincoln, Accrington and Salford ALL to win their games on Saturday 13th October 2018. The games all start at 15:00. Sky Bet have given a Special Odds Boost on this offer, where they have boosted the odds to 6.5 (11/2 in fractions)

Smarkets now offer the opportunity to lay off football accumulators. On the left-hand navigation menu open the football tab and find the 'Accumulators' section. You then want to find the accumulator named "Will Lincoln, Accrington and Salford all win on Saturday, October 13?". (Always remember to double-check you are on the correct accumulator - sometimes there are variations or the teams are written in a different order!).


On the accumulator you are specifically looking at the odds in the #BLUEBOX AGAINST "YES". 

At the time of writting the lay odds for Lincoln, Accrington and Salford NOT all to win on Smarkets (i.e. against yes) were 6.0.

So currently we have back odds at Sky Bet of 6.5 from the boost, and lay odds of 6.0 at Smarkets.

(IMPORTANT - if they lay odds had been 6.2 or more we wouldn't have bothered doing this offer - except to perhaps use it as a fake mug bet. The lay odds need to be at least 0.5 less than the back odds to make an odds boost really profitable in matched betting).

Find out how much you can use as a stake at Sky Bet:

Now we need to know what stake amount we can use at Sky Bet. The only way to find this out is to click on the super boosted odds so they appear in your betslip at Sky Bet. Do not click place bet yet! Then try write a stake amount of £20 first. A pop up message will appear to tell you what your maximum stake amount allowed is. Our back stake at Sky Bet was £20 for this boost.

(Your stake may be less at £15 or £10. If it is we will advise you after this boost to do more fake mug bets on Sky Bet with £20 and more stakes so that you appear to be a better punter in their eyes. They will then give you higher stakes to use on these kind of boosts!)

Choose your under-lay stake amount at Smarkets:

If you can use a back stake amount at Sky Bet of £20 then to under-lay this your lay stake amount to use at Smarkets will be £20.41. 

If you can use a back stake amount at Sky Bet of £15 then to under-lay this your lay stake amount to use at Smarkets will be £15.31. 

If you can use a back stake amount at Sky Bet of £10 then to under-lay this your lay stake amount to use at Smarkets will be £10.20

How are we working out what the lay stake amount is?

Well we are trying to ensure that if the accumulator doesn't win, and we lose our stake in Sky Bet, that we get this stake back in Smarkets instead. As Smarkets take a 2% commission from your winnings when the accumulator doesn't win, we need to factor this in.

This is why the lay stakes at Smarkets are just a bit more than the back stake at Sky Bets. In fact they are 2% more of what the back stake is.

2% of £20 is 40p. So are lay stake is £20 + 40p = £20.41

2% of £15 is 31p So our lay stake is £15 + 31p = £15.31

2% of £10 is 20p So our lay stake is £15 + 20p = £10.20

(Again, you should only do this if you have lay odds that are at least 0.5 LESS than your back odds at Sky Bet).

Check your Smarkets Balance is enough then place your bets:

If you are happy you have enough balance in Smarkets to cover the necessary liability based on the lay odds you have then the last thing to do before you place your bets be sure to double check the liquidity available under the blue odds box in Smarkets (it must be at least twice your lay stake amount). 

Then when you are ready place your back stake at Sky Bet on the Odds Boost at odds of 6.5 and lay it off at Smarkets with the relevant lay stake at odds of 6.0

If the Odds Boost bet wins at Sky Bet we will make a profit of £7.95. If the bet loses at Sky Bet we don't win anything but we also don't lose anything.

+£110.00 at SkyBet - £102.05 at Smarkets (the liability) = +7.95 in profit

-£20.00 at SkyBet +20.00 at Smarkets (lay stake - 2% commission) = £0.00 (no loss or gain)

So, if Lincoln, Accrington and Salford ALL win their games today we will make a profit of £7.95 (for literally a few minutes work!).

If ANY other outcome but all 3 teams winning occurs (i.e. NOT all teams win their games) we won't make any profit but lose nothing. It's a completely risk-free approach.

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SKYBET Saturday Soccer Special Odds Boost

Another special odds boost from Sky Bet. Opt-to underlay this week.

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