We love matched betting in 2018 just as much as we did when we started. Although there are many reasons why we continue to do matched betting, here are our top 5 for this year.

1) Matched betting is still so easy to learn and do.

Compared to other ways of making a second income – matched betting is easy. We have tried MANY others ways of making a second income from home, so please trust us when we say in comparison to literally all other options, matched betting is easy.

Almost anyone can learn matched betting. You do not need any prior knowledge about sports, betting or otherwise. The most useful thing to know is how to use a computer and an internet browser (again, don’t need to be a boffin though!). If you have ever gone online and bought something off Amazon, or have an email address, then you have enough computer skills to do matched betting.

Matched betting involves learning a specific set of steps and then doing them. In my mind I can compare it to learning to make a simple sponge cake for the first time. You get your cook book out, or download a recipe online from a cooking website (the food equivalent of our matched betting guide). You read through the recipe to get the gist of what you are going to be doing (watch our introduction to matched betting video). You get the ingredients and equipment you need (such as a betting exchange account). You then follow the step-by-step instructions of the recipe (see our beginner matched betting offer guides) and voila! A yummy sponge cake (guaranteed, risk-free and tax-free profits!).

Now, we are not saying the first time you make the sponge cake it will be completely perfect. May be the cake will be a bit soggy in the middle and you could have baked it for a touch longer, but it will still be lovely and yummy to eat. (May be on your first matched betting offer you don’t find the best match possible between the odds to get the best possible profit your first time round – but no big deal, profit is profit!). As you practice baking the cake though it will get better each time. Also imagine if you weren’t learning to bake it alone the first time – but with (free!) support from a friend (hi – that’s us and our free matched betting lessons!). You would learn even more easily and likely much quicker too! After the first time, the more you practice baking the cake the better and better you get (as you do with our beginner matched betting offers). Before you know it you are getting quite good at cake baking and starting to try out slightly different versions of the recipe from different toppings through to different flavorings (the equivalent of when we introduce you to intermediate and advanced matched betting).

2) Matched betting is still a very reliable and regular method of making a second income.

Many people assume that matched betting can only be used to make risk free money from the initial sign up offers the bookmakers provide - this is complete and utter NONSENSE.

So how is it that have we been doing it for more than two years and how are we still doing it?

Well, the bookmakers give millions of pounds worth of free bets to their good existing customers’ almost every day to entice them to bet more with them.

As matched bettors we can use these existing customer “reload offers” to make our regular monthly profits. You can see an example of just a few select daily reload offers we do in our Matched Betting Blog: Unmissable Daily Reload Offers.

You may ask though, how can giving out so many regular free bets be profitable for the bookmakers? Well, when you understand how ridiculously high the bookmakers’ profit margins are and how their entire business model works, it really is a no brainer. By offering all these free bets the bookmakers keep their punters happy (even when they’ve just lost loads!) and therefore still rake in the cash constantly. So many gamblers sadly have no idea how badly they are being ripped off by the margins inserted into the odds by robbing bookmakers!

3) By being a matched bettor you can help a friend (or friends) in need.

Everyone has that really good friend who is always out of pocket or struggling. Maybe they are stuck in a job they hate with a low salary but can’t seem to escape. Maybe they have got into debt through unexpected circumstances (paying for hospital treatment for a family member for example) and then just can’t seem to climb back out of it?

Maybe this friend desperately wants to get that extra drink at the pub, or they want to get a starter as well as a main in a restaurant, or even go out to a restaurant, but they just can’t afford to. You watch them and try to support as best you can by suggesting things like looking for a new job (although they already tried) or treating them to a meal out every now and again because you really enjoy their company and friendship.

Once you have learnt to become a matched bettor and are making regular tax-free profits each month then you could look at really helping this friend though by helping them turn their circumstances around. Lend them the £80 cash-float to get started and book them their free matched betting beginner lessons with us to get them started. The £80 can be instead of treating them to a meal out, or those few drinks you normally get them in the pub. Soon though they will be buying you the drink back AND returning your £80 back at the same time.

When they say to you “how can I thank you? What can I do in return for you? You’ve changed my life helping give me more financial freedom”. (We can almost guarantee they will say something like this!). Tell them to pass the good deed on.

Tell them to find someone else who really needs matched betting and that this time they have to lend the £80 to help someone else get started.

4) You can keep matched betting whilst on holiday or travelling abroad.

You can literally do matched betting anytime, anywhere.

The amount of times we have been on holiday (often thanks to matched betting!), and have continued to matched bet when coming back from relaxing by the pool, or just before going out to eat has been crazy! It’s literally like paying for your meal whilst on holiday for 10 minutes “work”! (We always say “work” because we don’t see matched betting like work as its just fun for us!).

If you spend a lot of time abroad like we do, and would like to do matched betting whilst you’re on holiday or travelling abroad, we have a great article in our blog about matched betting outside the UK.

5) You can use matched betting for financial support whilst setting up your own business.

More and more people today are really interested in, and often very seriously thinking about leaving their 9-5 jobs and setting up some kind of business from home (or elsewhere, depending what it is). Often one of the main things stopping them is the fear about not having a steady income coming in, or what they will do for an income if there are times when sales are a bit down.

Matched betting is the perfect solution. It can tie you over whilst you are setting up your business and/or it can be useful for topping up your income when you’re having a bit of a slow sales patch or need to spend some money on the business that you didn't foresee originally. 

We know lots of people who are taking the entrepreneur route and setting up online businesses, such as selling hand-crafted goods on Etsy or creating stores at Shopify. All of these people went through initial monetary dry patches whilst building up their businesses and matched betting either helped pay for their initial advertising costs to attract their first customers or supported their normal everyday expenditures before they started making an income from their business. Some even continue matched betting today on the side of running very successful businesses from home - mainly because they still just love the easy extra income too much!

So what’s your top reason for matched betting in 2018?

Agree with the above or have a different opinion? Please feel free to comment below on what your top reason is for matched betting in 2018 is.  

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