A break-down of my bets

The majority of my matched betting profits come from 2-up and low risk casino existing customer offers. With the international break upon us there was no 2-up available, but thankfully there were a lot of other good offers on show which I took advantage of. I didn’t use the casino as my time was taken up with more UEFA Nations League offers than I was expecting, plus I had other work commitments.

For clarification, when referring to my profits made from the free bets, I use a 80% reference to the free bet stake as an average, as more often than not I get between a 78-82% extraction depending on the bookmaker.

So here it is...


I started the day with Sport Pesa’s offer of bet £100 on the 1x2 market in the Croatia vs England game (above odds of 2.0) and get 25% of your stake returned as a free bet. I already had quite a lot of money in my Pesa account and decided not to use my risk free calculator for this. I backed Croatia at 2.8 with Pesa and layed on Smarkets for 2.9 with a 0% commission (using a current Oddsmonkey:Smarkets integration) for a total qualifying loss of £3.44, which wasn’t bad from a hundred quid stake. Thankfully the game ended a draw as I predicted before the game resulting in a £25 free bet. I will use this free bet to extract a guaranteed profit of around £19.75.

Total Work Time: Less than 5 minutes 

Total Qualifying Losses: -£3.44

Profit Extracted From £25 Free Bet: £19.75

Total Overall Profit: £16.31


I hadn’t used my Guts account in quite a while, and when I logged in I realized I'd left £150 odd quid sitting in there (this is where my partner always jumps in and says if I was tracking my bookie balances like she does I wouldn't have forgotten about it!). I deposited another £80 and then hit their 5 x £40 of UEFA Nations League bets (above odds of 2.20). Doing these 5 Qualifying Bets got me a £40 cash refund - with no strings attached. Although doing 5 x £40 Qualifying Bets gave me a larger than normal Qualifying loss the £40 cash no strings attached ensured I'd be well in profit. 

I have to say with this offer, and the Sport Pesa offer previously mentioned, it was easy to see how much of a margin the bookies insert into these games to compensate for these offers. As a matched bettor though it didn’t bother me too much – especially with my 0% commission at Smarkets thanks to Oddsmonkey. Anyhow, I got on Croatia to beat England, Latvia to beat Kazakhstan, Czech Republic to beat Slovakia, and the draw in both Belgium vs. Switzerland and Holland vs. Germany respectively.

Total Work Time: 15 minutes 

Total Qualifying Losses: -£12.25

Total Overall Profit: £27.25


William Hill was next up with a £10 Qualifying Bet on the Croatia vs England game (above odds of 1.20) for an immediate £10 free bet. I got on the draw for 3.0 at Hills and layed this off at Smarkets for 3.2. This equated to a 64p qualifying loss. The £10 free bet came through immediately and I quickly extracted £8.04.

Total Work Time: less that 5 minutes 

Total Qualifying Losses: -£0.64

Profit Extracted From £10 Free Bet: £8.04

Total Overall Profit: £7.40


Next up was Coral. The offer was bet £10 on England to win against Croatia in the 90 minute market and get a £5 free bet for every England goal (up to a maximum of £15 in free bets). I got on England for 2.65 at Coral and layed them odd at 2.95 at Smarkets. Again, shockingly poor odds to compensate for the promotion, but so worth it for matched bettors. With my 0% commission at Smarkets these bets gave me a Qualifying Loss of just 93p.

Unfortunately it was the dullest game known to man, with no goals scored resulting in no free bets being awarded from Coral and leaving me 93p down from this offer.

Total Work Time: 2 minutes 

Total Qualifying Losses: -£0.93

No goals, so no free bets.

Total Overall Profit: -£0.93


Ladbrokes’ UEFA Nations League offer was bet £10 on any Goalscorer or Correct Score market for a £10 refund if your bet loses. This was a very easy offer to do. I decided not to use my Oddsmonkey risk free equal profit calculator (which would have guaranteed a small profit), and thus decided to place the bet as a normal qualifying bet - hoping it would lose and then make more profit as a result of extraction from the £10 free bet (i.e. I went for the larger potential profit).

I immediately saw the odds on the Correct Score market for 1-1 were the closest I could find with 5.25 at Ladbrokes and 7.2 at Smarkets, for a £2.82 qualifying loss. Thankfully the game ended 0-0 resulting in my £10 free bet being awarded.

Total Work Time: 5 minutes 

Total Qualifying Losses: -£2.82

Profit Extracted From £10 Free Bet: £8.17

Total Overall Profit: £5.35


As usual a lovely Betfred promo came through late afternoon. The offer was to get a £10 free bet if I placed 3 x £10 Qualifying Bets in play on 3 different UEFA Nations League games (min. odds 1.50). As I'm quite experiencd at matched betting I opted to do my in-play bets immediately after kick-off (beginners should do it at half-time when the odds are stationary!). 

I backed £10 on the draw at BetFred on the Croatia vs England game at odds of 3.0. I got my lay in on Smarkets at 3.1, giving me a Qualifying Loss of just 33p. Next I backed £10 on Belgium to win at odds of 1.67 and layed it off on Smarkets at odds of 1.68. This was a really good one with just a 6p Qualifying Loss. I got a bit of luck as the odds moved in my favour at Smarkets. Finally I did my last £10 on Finland to win at odds of 1.91 and layed them on Smarkets at odds of 1.99. This last bet gave me a 40p Qualifying Loss. My £10 free bet will be released tomorrow (Sunday) from which I expect to extract at least £7.80 in profit.

Total Work Time: 15 minutes 

Total Qualifying Losses: -£0.79

Min. Expected Profit I Will Extract From £10 Free Bet: £7.80

Min. Total Overall Profit Expected: £7.01


This isn't an offer I do that often, but may be I should. Anyway, the Tony Bet offer is place a pre-match £20 Qualifying Bet on either team to win the match (i.e. do not bet on draw) on specific UEFA Nations League games and International Friendlies and if the game then ends 0-0 Tony Bet will refund your £20 stake as a free bet. I opted to do two £20 Qualifying Bets on Belgium to win vs Switzerland and Croatia to win vs England. My total Qualifying Loss was £2.03. I thought at half-time both games might end 0-0 but that all changed in the 2nd half where there were 3 goals in the Belgium vs Switzerland game. Fortunately as we know from above England did just what I wanted and their game ended 0-0, thus giving me a £20 free bet. 

Total Work Time: 8 minutes 

Total Qualifying Losses: -£2.03

Profit Extracted From £20 Free Bet: £15.59

Total Overall Profit: £13.56

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Bwin sent me a private email offer where all I had to do was place a £10 (or more) Qualifying Bet (minimum odds 1.70) on any sport between 16:00 Friday and 23:59 Tuesday 16th October and Bwin would give me £5 free bet.

I did a Qualifying Bet on Both Teams to Score on the Croatia vs England game and took a Qualifying Loss of 83p. I will use my £5 free bet today and will look to extract a £4 from that. 

Total Work Time: 5 minutes 

Total Qualifying Losses: -£0.83

Min. Profit Expect to Extract From £5 Free Bet: £4.00

Min. Total Overall Profit Expected: £3.17

Today's Results

So as you can see with no 2-up (which is my profit haven with matched betting) I still managed to make over £79 in roughly an hour with just Sportsbook existing customer offers. Due to work commitments I didn't have chance to do any casino offers like I normally would do. I will update this every day with my progress over the next month or so.

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