A break-down of my bets

I decided to chill out a bit on the Sunday as there was still no Premier League due to the internationals, and having had quite a few good previous days, I could afford to take it easier. I decided to finish a lot of weekly bet clubs where I had bets placed during the week and just needed to place one or two to finish them off. I try not to do all of them at one time as this is not great for account health. We actually have an ultimate guide for keeping accounts healthy which is on the way very soon. Feel free to sign up with your email below to get it first!

NOTE: *For all free bet profits mentioned I quote my average 80% extraction (as some I've done already but others I'm still waiting to do once they come into my bookie accounts)

10 BET

Ok so 10bet was first up with their bet 5 times in play above odds of 2.0 and get a £10 free bet. As with my previous in play bets, I like to bet on the draw with the bookie right at the beginning of the game, and lay it off in play with closer odds. I don’t push my luck with an arb, but I try to get as close odds as possible such as 3.3 and 3.35 at the exchange. Sometimes the odds match exactly meaning no qualifying losses on a 0% Smarkets commission which is nice. My total qualifying losses for this weekly offer were just 60p which was very good, plus I did the bets sporadically during the week too.

Before anyone wonders this strategy can be a problem if there is an early goal as the draw odds will then seriously drift on Smarkets. It hasn’t happened but if it were to I would either wait for the other team to get a goal and set an alert on my phone to lay this off, or accept the £10 loss and make my money from the free bet to reduce to deficit. 

Total Work Time: 30 minutes (split during the week)

Total Qualifying Losses: -£0.60

Profit Extracted From £10 Free Bet: £8.00

Total Overall Profit: £7.40


I also completed my 5th and final bet on the Paddy Power Free Bet Club. Some of these were done on promotions which increases your chances for extra profit (where I had already profited on previously when Too Darn Hot won the 3 o’clock at Newmarket on the Saturday). For the bets placed that were not on promotions I did for a higher qualifying loss for maintaining account health. I had a total of £3.35 in qualifying losses and one of these qualifiers was on a horse with very high odds to ensure that when I extracted my profit from the free bet, there were no irregular patterns with my qualifying bet activity. 

Total Work Time: 25 minutes in total throughout the week

Total Qualifying Losses: -£3.35

Profit Extracted From £10 Free Bet: £8.00

Total Overall Profit: £4.65

Sunday's Results

So from just these two weekly promotions I made £12.05 in profits. Although the weekly offers are technically more time-consuming than many other offers I really feel they are worth doing and do them almost every week. 


So on Monday morning it was back to offers from the Nations League again. Although not quite as good as the previous Friday, things were quite decent! My bread and butter offer of the day was William Hills bet £10 on the Spain vs England game above odds of 1.2 and get a £10 free bet. With my 0% commission via the Oddsmonkey and Smarkets integration, I decided to get £30 on the Spain win at 1.6, and got a decent lay at Smarkets for 1.63 for just a 55p qualifying loss. I placed a bigger bet as putting on just a tenner for a 6 pound return can look a bit suspect (normal punters tend to bet higher when the odds are lower). Anyhow, great result in England winning! My free bet was in tact PLUS I was almost 30 quid up in Smarkets! Result. 

Total Work Time: less that 5 minutes 

Total Qualifying Losses: -£0.55 (well chuffed)

Profit Extracted From £10 Free Bet: £8.00

Total Overall Profit: £7.45


My next bet of the day was at Ladbrokes for the Spain vs England game where you get your £10 refunded as a free bet if your first 10 pounds loses on certain markets (Goalscorer and Correct Score). I decided once again not to use my Oddsmonkey risk- free equal profit calculator (guaranteed profit) as I like going for higher potential profit. I got on the 0-0 for a typically large loss of £2.24, but thankfully the game had plenty of goals resulting in a free bet!

(For reference, not using my risk free equal profit calculator has caught me out once or twice before and I've ended up down in the past. If you want the guaranteed profit I strongly advise you use the calculator, albeit, for a lower profit).

Total Work Time: 5 minutes

Total Qualifying Losses: -£2.44

Profit Extracted From £25 Free Bet: £8

Total Overall Profit: £5.56


I then got on some Nations League games at both TonyBet and Bedhard respectively. TonyBet were offering money back as a free bet if the games ended in a 0-0 draw, and Bethard were offering up to a £20 cash back if the game ended 0-0, a goal was scored on 90 minutes OR after or if a red card was shown.

I like TonyBet's offer (although their sign up offer is awful!) because it involves betting on the 90 minute match winner market (obviously avoiding the draw) where the odds will be closer resulting in less of a qualifying loss.

Bethard's offer had to be a losing offer in the correct score and Goalscorer markets, which resulted in higher qualifying losses as the odds were further apart. Anyhow, I got on the England game at both bookies.

I got a decent qualifying loss at Bethard for Spain to win 1-0 for 7.25, and layed it at 7.8 for a £1.41 qualifying loss. Thankfully there was a goal after 90 minutes resulting in a £20 cash refund at Bethard! I made a £1.17 loss at TonyBet.

Total Work Time: 10 minutes (took a bit of extra time finding a match)

Total Qualifying Losses: -£2.58

Profit Extracted From £20 Free Bet: £20.00 (as was cash return at Bethard!)

Total Overall Profit: £17.42


My final sportsbook bet was via Betfred’s lovely price boost for both teams to score in the Spain vs England game. They bumped the price up to 2.5, and I managed to under-lay a tenner at Smarkets at odds of 2.04 with my Oddsmonkey advanced matched betting calculator. Luckily both teams scored equating to a tidy profit of £4.60 for just a few minutes work.

Total Work Time: less than 5 minutes

Total Qualifying Losses: N/A for odds boosts

Profit Extracted From Free Bet:  N/A for odds boosts

Total Overall Profit: £4.60

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Monday's Results

So my running profit for the day was £35.03 with no casino, which I was very pleased with. I do need to get on the casino more but with other work commitments I was pressured for time yesterday. Hopefully Tuesday I will be able to get on it with the low risk casino, as they can be very profitable as previously mentioned.

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