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In truth, Tuesday and Wednesday were quite disappointing days for Sportbook offers - but this is usually the case between key events such as the England vs Spain game on Monday night and the start of the Premier League again this weekend. So what did I get up to instead?

NOTE: *For all free bet profits mentioned I quote my average 80% extraction (as some I've done already but others I'm still waiting to do once they come into my bookie accounts)

Tuesday 16th October 2018


So as usual I'd forgotten about my £5 free bet at Sky Bet which I'd been credited for placing £25 worth of bets above 2.0 during the previous week. (I enjoy logging into Sky Bet each week and going - oh yeh, my £5 free bet!)

How did I go about doing these Qualifying Bets for this offer though? Well, I did £10 on an odds boost which I under-layed. This was great because it resulted in no qualifying loss and good potential risk-free extra profit! A few weeks prior to this I had been getting twenty quid on these types of boosts but several won in a row so Sky Bet reduced my stake amount (and likely many others!) for boosts to just £10.

For the remaining £15 of bets for the weekly offer I managed to get them through for just a 21p qualifying loss. This was really decent but was obviously helped by the 0% commission I have at Smarkets thanks to the Oddsmonkey integration.

Although I feel these weekly bookmaker offers are good "bread and butter offers", I have the impression many other matched bettors overlook them as “it is just a £5 free bet”. For me though they are really worth doing because all the small qualifying losses incurred throughout the week for doing qualifying bets and fake mug betts all add up. These type of simple weekly free bets help eradicate such losses from my total profit margin. 

Total Work Time: 10 minutes (split across two days)

Total Qualifying Losses: -£0.21

Profit Extracted From £5 Free Bet: £4.00

Total Overall Profit: £3.79


Sky Bet had another lovely boost this week on France, Norway & Ukraine all to win. Sky Bet had boosted this treble to 6.5 and thanks to the lay odds at Smarkets being 5.7 against this acca I opted to under-lay the boost (0% commission again). 

For clarification, under-laying means I layed a tenner at Smarkets on the acca (loving Smarkets' new accumulator market this season!). This meant if the acca won I'd get a good profit at Sky Bet, but if it lost, I would incur no qualifying loss and instead just top up my Smarkets balance a bit (always useful). 

Thankfully all three teams won resulting in a tidy £8 profit. An additional bonus is the £10 I used on the boost counted towards the £25 worth of bets I have to do during this week to get my £5 free bet for next week! #loveSkyBet

Total Work Time: 3 minutes

Total Qualifying Losses: £0.00 (this would have stayed the same even if the acca lost)

Profit From Boost for Acca Winning: £8.00

Total Overall Profit: £8.00


Continuing on with my weekly offers, I did the Coral bet £25 above odds of 2.0 for a £10 free bet (£5 online, £5 in shop). My total qualifying losses for this were 72p. I will extract my £8 from the free bets once they are credited for a £7.28 total profit. 

Total Work Time: 10 minutes

Total Qualifying Losses: -£0.72

Profit Extracted From 2 x £5 Free Bets: £8.00

Total Overall Profit: £7.28


Casino time! I decided to do Toals’ stake £100 on selected slots, and get a £10 free bet on Friday. Sum Dim Sum was available with a RTP of 98%. However, as this slot hadn’t done me well in the past I decided to do my wagering on Starmania (which is quite a low variance slot). With an 80% extraction expected from my free bet on Friday, this offer had an expected value of just less than £6 (as Starmania has a RTP of 97.87% instead of the 98% available with Sum Dim Sum).

So this offer actually went better than I expected. I opted to wager £1 spins at a time to get through the £100's worth of wagering quicker. Fortunately I hit two decent bonuses along the way. Overall I was left £23 up with a £10 free bet to come on Friday. Happy days. Total Work Time: Just over 20 minutes Amount up/down after wagering: £23 Profit From Free Bet: £8 Total Profit Made: £31

Total Work Time: Just over 20 minutes

Results from Wagering: £23 (remember this could have been a slight loss as well if I hadn't hit the bonuses)

Profit Extracted From £10 Free Bet: £8.00

Total Overall Profit: £31.00

Tuesday's Results

Thanks to Toals a really good day in the end, with £50.07 in profit in less than 45 minutes worth of work. Newbies - please remember before starting big casino offers like this one I'd built up my bank quite a bit doing easier casino offers and lots of sportsbook matched betting. 

Wednesday 17th October 2018


So I had seen an interesting offer floating on the Oddsmonkey daily offer list for Blacktype. The offer was bet £100 (5 x £20 bets) in play above odds of 2.0 and get a £20 free bet. Normally I would do this over the course of 4 or 5 days, but as Tuesday was the last day of the Nations League, I decided to start the offer then and finish it off on Wednesday. For my strategy on this please see my previous posts about how I bet on the draw at the start of the game, and then lay off during the game at closer odds. I did well with just a £1.20 qualifying loss in total over the course of two days of betting in play. Waiting for bets to match with the in play delay can be a bit nervy, but I was more than happy with the outcome. (Again - newbies please only bet in-play during half-time until you are really confident and have a really decent cash float to work with aswell). 

Total Work Time: 30 minutes

Total Qualifying Losses: -£1.20

Profit Extracted From £20 Free Bet: £16.00

Total Overall Profit: £14.80

21 BET

I decided to do 21Bet's wager £100 or more in their Live Casino for a £10 bonus. The bonus had to be wagered x10. This offer had a £6.47 EV using the blackjack strategy, which is very good. However, I always prefer to do my wagering on Roulette even though it results in an ever so slightly less EV.

I used £1 stakes to get through the wagering relatively quickly sticking to red, and was £4 down by the end. I then clawed some back with the bonus to be down £1 overall. Very disappointing, especially knowing there is far less variance on live tables with such a high RTP compared to a lot of slot machines. Not my best casino outing, but in fairness it could have been a lot worse.

I have done too many casino offers to know that if you stick to a positive EV, you will always make very good money in the long run. Total Work Time: 30 minutes Total Qualifying Losses: N/A Profit From Free Bet: N/A Total Profit Made: -£1

Total Work Time: 30 minutes

Total Qualifying Losses: N/A

Profit Extracted From Free Bet: N/A

Total Overall Profit: -£1.00


Next I decided to hit Sky Vegas’ wager £50 for a £10 free sports bet.

For clarification, when I first started doing casino offers, I would always play with the minimum amount when spinning, but the more I did them, I realised for speed purposes, there is not much difference in spinning 20p’s or £1’s. This is why I now spin £1. (Newbies I recommend to spin 20p's!).

This offer had an expected value of £6.50 if using Steam Tower with a 97% RTP. Steam Tower's been a high variance slot for me in the past, but this time I went through a patch half way through my wagering where I was hitting bonuses for fun. Then they of course dried up with a bit of a losing run at the end. I completed my wagering £43 up which I was very pleased with. Let’s not forget the £10 free bet still to come.

Total Work Time: 15 minutes or so

Total Qualifying Losses: N/A

Profit Extracted From £10 Free Bet: £8.00

Total Overall Profit: £51 (nice one!)


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Wednesday's Results

So I didn’t need to get on too much today to make a tidy profit. But I am also aware that you can have a dodgy run in the casino depending on how kind the "Casino Gods" are being. But as I mentioned above, as long as you stick to decent +EV (Expected Value) offers, you will always be comfortably up in the end. (In the same way a bookie will always be up against a regular punter, as they have their ridiculous margins inserted into their odds!).

Anyhow, £64.80 for around an hour and a half’s effort was a very good days work!

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