The end of week 1 from my matched betting diary

So this is my 7th day of tracking my matched betting performance. I have to say it has gone far better than I expected it to go, and a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read.

I will have a run down at the bottom of this post of the total profit accrued so far, and what my plans will be for the next week or so. 

NOTE: *As you should know by now, I use an 80% reference for the extraction of my free bets, as some are not credited at the time of writing. I use 80% as a guide because on average I tend to get between a 78-82% extraction from my free bets, depending on the bookie in use.

Break down of my bets today

Although there are already a few decent Premier League offers floating about for the weekend, mainly for the Chelsea vs Manchester United game from what I can see, I tend to wait until the odds are closer on Fridays and Saturdays before doing these.


The first offer I did today was Bethard’s bet £20 on any first round NBA game above odds of 1.75, and get a £10 free bet. This is what I refer to as bread and butter matched betting. The best oddsmatch I found for this promo was on the Denver Nuggets to beat the Los Angeles Clippers in the Moneyline Full Time market. I got odds of 1.83 at Bethard and managed to lay them at Smarkets for 1.9, resulting in a 73p loss, which was quite decent from a £20 qualifying bet.

(This 0% commission at Smarkets through Oddsmonkey is saving me a lot of money!)

If you haven't already, I highly recommend signing up to Bethard by clicking here, as they really seem to be trying to compete with the big boys of the betting world (if any of their recent offers are anything to go by). I’ve been very impressed with them over the last few weeks especially.

Total Work Time: Just over 5 minutes to find a match on the top markets

Total Qualifying Losses: -£0.73

Profit Extracted From £10 Free Bet: £8.00

Total Overall Profit: £7.27


The next offer I did was an advanced matched betting offer with Betfred. The offer was to place 3 x £10 bets on the Greyhounds above odds of 1.5 to get a £10 free bet. From the two exchanges I mainly use (Smarkets and Betfair respectively), the greyhounds market is only available to be layed on Betfair, which has a 5% commission.

The reason why this is an advanced matched betting offer is 1) you need to have done some fake mug bets on the greyhounds before doing the offer for account health (it would look odd to a trader if you had placed all your bets on the footy and/or horses, to then switch to an offer such as this), and; 2) because the liquidity in all greyhound markets is very low, and only becomes available literally a few minutes before the race starts.

For the first race I got a 76p loss, and on the second a 68p loss. This is about normal with 5% commission to pay. I clawed back some of this with a 36p arb on the last race I chose, resulting in a £1.08 loss overall.

Total Work Time: around 20 minutes

Total Qualifying Losses: -£1.08

Profit Extracted From £10 Free Bet: £8.00

Total Overall Profit: £6.92

Before I talk about the next set of offers I did, I just wanted to let you all know I am currently applying the finishing touches to an article about “Keeping accounts healthy – the ultimate guide to keeping the bookies sweet” which is vital if you want to make long-term profits from matched betting. Without meaning to blow my own trumpet, I can assure you all it is the best guide I have seen anywhere online and it will help a lot of people (both matched betting newbies and veterans). To get updates as to when it will be available online, plus other top 2-up and low risk casino strategies, please leave your email below and one of our team members will message you as soon as the guide goes live.


So 888 Sport have this 'Win Win' offer that's running every day at the moment. If you bet £10 at odds of 5.0 or greater and it comes in, you get a £5 free bet. I think there was a slight glitch in 888 Sports’ system when the offer first went out, as I read on a few forums people were getting credited the free bet regardless of whether the bet won or lost!

Anyhow, I managed to get on this for a 56p qualifying loss quite close to the off. The horse did not win, but as it is the first time I am attempting this offer, we will see whether any free bet is granted tomorrow – though something tells me they have probably come to their senses and fixed the glitch!

Total Work Time: 5 minutes

Total Qualifying Losses: -£0.56

Profit Extracted From £5 Free Bet: £0

Total Overall Profit: -£0.56


I had a bit more luck today with the live casino after yesterday’s poor run of the ball landing on black, when I tend to stick to playing red.

This time it was Betfair’s wager £50 for a £5 bonus which had to be wagered x10. The Expected Value of this promotion was £4.58 on BlackJack, but as I prefer to use the Roulette tables, the EV is slightly less (but nothing to be concerned about). I was using £1 stakes at a time on red as usual. I managed to get £4 up after wagering, and made another £3 with the bonus.

Total Work Time: Around 30 minutes 

Total Qualifying Losses: N/A

Profit Extracted From Free Bet: N/A

Total Overall Profit: £7.00


The next low risk casino offer I did was with the fantastic Gala Spins, with their wager £20 on Slingo Rainbow Riches, to get a £10 cash return within 24 hours. The slot has a 95% RTP and the promo had a +EV of £9. I must say it is a bit of a confusing slot where I didn’t really know much of what was going on, but I was up £12 until my second to last spin, where I then hit a really nice bonus leaving me £42 up with one spin left to complete the wagering. I ended up £41 to the good after the final spin and still have a £10 cash return on the way. Happy days.

For any of you unsure about trying any low risk casino offers, or are not sure where the best place is to start, I strongly advise you sign up to Gala Spins here and give this promo a go. Gala Spins have been one of my profit havens for well over a year now, and it wouldn’t surprise me if I have taken over a grand off them within this time.

The trick is to trust the + EV. The maths does not lie. It is how bookies are always up in the long run. They insert a similar margin into their betting odds and the average Joe punter will always lose out eventually. With casino offers, they give you that initial advantage to entice you in, hoping you will eventually gamble it all away after the bonus is complete. It is a very clever tactic. But if you are clever and give a few spins back after a win (i.e. pay it back a bit), your account will look healthy and you will be in good profit overall regardless of the losses you will inevitably incur. 

Total Work Time: Around 30 minutes 

Total Qualifying Losses: N/A

Profit Extracted From Free Bet: N/A

Total Overall Profit: £51.00

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Results from this week

So in total I made £71.63 today in very little time (although this was spread out between doing other things throughout the day). After tallying up my previous 6 day profits, today’s earnings brought my 7 day total to £423.95 - an average of just over £60 per day.

It’s not been my best week, but I am still chuffed with the fact I’ve made such a great amount. It equated to an hourly rate of slightly over £50 – and it’s obviously all tax free.

As you can see, a high percentage of my profits came from low risk casino. Sometimes these low risk casino offers can leave you significantly more in the green, and sometimes they can leave you with much less to show for the time you put in. But as I keep repeating, as long as you trust the +EV (Expected Value) of the promotion on hand, you will always be very happy with your overall casino profits in the long run – and this is coming from someone who has 1.5 years experience doing these offers.

My plan for the following 7 days is to do more low risk casino, and of course I will be getting on as much 2-Up as my bank allows. Something tells me there is going to be an avalanche of offers over the weekend for the Premier League, and let’s not forget the Champions League returns on Tuesday, which is brilliant for both new and experienced matched bettors. There are some great times ahead for us all.

Thank you once again to everyone who has been following this. If you have any questions about matched betting, want tips, head's up on new offers, or just want to enjoy chatting with like-minded people, then you need to join our Facebook Group here and we will do our best to cipher out questions we feel need answering in detail, with more blog posts, tips and strategies to maximize your profits, no matter your level of matched betting. Let’s face it, we all started somewhere.

Have a great weekend – and may the casino/2-Up Gods be favourable to us all...

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