The majority of the “big boys” in the bookie world, such as Coral, William Hill, Betfred, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, 888 Sports, Sky Bet, Betway (plus a few others), love to send personal or private bet and get offer emails (among others) to their customers to entice them to spend more money by “betting” on their site. I put the word – betting – in inverted commas as for matched bettors like us, we do not “bet” per se, as we cover our bets with an exchange. If you still do not know how this works (and you really should by now!) then you need to continue reading this article to get a better understanding of what we mean.

There’s a right way, and then there’s a best way.

When my wife first started learning matched betting, she had a low cash float (bank roll) to get started with. This, combined with the fact that she was following what we now know was by far from the best advice for a beginner, meant that she deposited the bare minimum in order to unlock the free bets that the the bookies provide when you are registering as a new customer with them. For example the Coral new customer sign up offer is “bet £5 and get £20 in free bets”. My wife therefore just deposited £5 in Coral.

Of course by doing this she still made the guaranteed £14+ profit from matched betting the £20 in free bets (after completing her £5 Qualifying Bet). She then continued on with Coral in a similar fashion – but only ever doing the weekly bet club and the generally publicised daily reload offers that came up very obviously on the promotional section of the Coral website.

In the back of my mind I remembered from some friends (who unfortunately were – and are still - out and out gamblers) that they tended to receive regular private offers via email from various bookmakers so that they would then more bet regularly. It was these comments that made me want to try something different when I was ready to start my own matched betting journey with my own separate set of bookmaker accounts (my wife and I are lucky enough to have two separate addresses, computers and IPs that we use for matched betting).

After speaking to my friends again, and realising they were just throwing their money away to these betting sites as stereotypical gamblers (who the bookies love!), it kind of made sense to me what needed to change in order to receive these private bet and get offers and similar such offers to my email and phone: I had to act like them!

How I started “channeling” my gambling friends.

The easiest place to start was to ask my friends questions about their betting patterns and look at their betting account profiles.

One thing I saw immediately was that the majority of them would often deposit a much larger amount when they were first registering at a bookmaker than what was required for the new customer promotional offer. (They also just always tended to deposit larger amounts of at least £20+ anytime when they deposited later as well). If you try to put yourself in a gambler’s mindset (I know this is hard) this kind of makes sense though as they are thinking they are going to use this money to bet with at some point!

Remember, with a traditional gambler who believes he/she has some kind of edge over the bookie with their “amazing sports knowledge”, a £20 free bet and casino bonus is nice, but it is not what they are really there for. They are there to gamble, win and make money in their mind (little do they know that the bookie always wins).

So armed with this knowledge I decided to start my own matched betting journey using a different approach to how my wife had started. The results were almost instant. Private bet and get offer emails started coming almost right away and then they kept coming regularly! Now I wasn’t just doing the weekly bet and get clubs and the daily reload offers, but also the private offers I was receiving as well.

“The Channel A Gambler” approach to matched betting.

So to clarify what I changed and did exactly (in comparison to what my wife did before me)...

With, for example, Coral's Bet £5 and Get £20 new customer offer, instead of depositing £5 and doing a Qualifying Bet of £5, I deposited £15 and did a Qualifying Bet of £15! (I still had a small loss of just 50p on that Qualifying Bet as I found a good odds-match, but now I had made myself look like a proper punter!).

With William Hills’ Bet £10 and Get £30 new customer promotion, I deposited £40 and did a £20 Qualifying Bet to release the free bets.

With 888 Sports’ Bet £10 and Get £30, I also deposited £40 and also did a £20 Qualifying Bet to release the free bets.

So here, as well as depositing more, instead of betting the minimum amount that was required on the Qualifying Bets to unlock the freebies, I decided to bet more (as my gambling friends would have!) so that I would seem less like someone who is just there for the free bet.

This strategy worked as the free bets I received post sign-up have been incredible in comparison to my partners accounts (she hardly gets any private offers! And grumbles every time I get one!).

William Hill is a true standout for this, as they almost constantly send an avalanche of private bet and get emails to me. This was especially the case during the first few weeks of me registering to their site. I seriously had at least 10 of these private emails over a 2 month period after I first signed up. This equated to at least £100 in free bets they handed to me ON TOP of their general offers they were publicising to everyone. Those £100 in free bets I got worked out to almost £80 in guaranteed profit for me. So that's £80 made in what probably totaled over the 2 month period to a maximum of 45 minutes 'work' for me to place the bets. Talk about making money for little to no effort!

The trick in the long-term is to then MAINTAIN what I now refer to as “The Channel A Gambler Approach to Matched Betting”.

Is the bookmaker asking you to deposit to claim an offer? Deposit more than what they are requesting. Is the bookmaker asking to bet £10 or more to get a £10 free bet? Bet the more! Bet £20 to get the £10 free bet!

This is where a larger starting cash float (if you have it available) can really do you wonders with matched betting. If you’ve got it to get started matched betting with then I say flaunt it! With William Hill especially if you have it go for a £50 deposit and a £25 Qualifying Bet – you will probably get more private offers through than I have!

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